Odour control in sewage pump stations & other industries

Odour Control System

Odour is a major concern in sewage wet wells, pump stations, treatment plants and many industries like chemical processing, fish processing, dairy and other animal farms, food industries etc. Normal activated carbon filters gets saturated quickly and not effective for gases like hydrogen sulphide. Many systems corrode in few months. A simple, effective and modular odour control system is the need of an hour. Gasion introduces ODOX, a five stage odour control system designed for municipal, and all industrial and commercial requirements.


Working Principle

* The contaminated gases enters to the negative ions generator which makes the dust particles in the gases to agglomerate and settle at the bottom. 

*  The partially clean gas travel up to the spiral media where the remaining dust particles get attached to the media. 

* In this catalytic reaction stage the impregnated iron in the catalyst reacts with H2S converting them to FeS thus eliminating majority of all the odour causing substance. 

*  In activated carbon layer the remaining odorous elements like methane and other organics are adsorbed into the porous carbon surfaces. 

*  In the plasma ion generator the gases are exposed to both positive and negative ions simultaneously, which neutralizes all the trace organic, mercaptons etc., 

*  This drastically eliminates all the pollutants and the clean dust and odour free gases exit the system through a polymeric centrifugal blower


Gasion ODOX 5 Stage odour Control system with