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Gasion IntroducesSplash aerators

Splash Aerators in two types . There are Vertical Spray type and Inclined Spray type.

Splash Aerators

Lack of oxygen in a body of water can lead to fish kills, foul odors, algae growth, and stagnant vegetation. Our floating aerator have been made and proven to prevent these problems by adding vital oxygen to your pond or lake, for a clean, fresh, healthy ecosyste

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Vertical Spray Type

The Gasion splash aerator is made up of the following: a pedestal, a motor, a filter screen, a floating body, an outlet,and an aeration nozzle. It works by high volume splashing of water considerably increasing the surface area of the water, giving much improved exchange of gases between the air and water.

We do this by breaking the water into tiny drop lets and flinging them up into the air. The droplets are then able to take up oxygen and discharge to the atmosphere polluting gases, such as carbon dioxide. An added benefit is the increased circulatio of the water, which distributes the oxygen-enriched water.

Gasion splash aerators requires almost no maintenance. The pump sprays water at a high rate of speed, and are only slightly submerged in the water, so in most cases a protective screen is not required. The Gasion splash aerator is available in a variety of sizes to suit individual requirements. Common to all sizes is the exceptionally buoyant float. With Gasion Splash Aerator, we have made ease of use a priority.

Gasion Splash aerator is relatively lightweight, so making it easy to install in the desired position. Practical carrying handles are moulded directly onto the sides of the float

Fastening and anchoring could not be easier. This can be achieved either by means of a fastening rope in the form of a V, or by a single rope attachment, or even by a locking mechanism on rods. This allows for assembly and dismantling on your pond/lakes

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Spray Type

1. Aeration nozzle

2. Outlet

3. Floating body

4. Filter screen

5. Motor

6. Pedestal