Nano Bubble Oxygen Injector​


Nano Bubble Aeration

What are Nano bubbles and how do they improve water quality?

Nano bubbles produced by Turboxy are ultra-fine and nearly invisible to theeye; in fact, at less than 1 micrometer, they are about 400 times smaller in diameter than human hair and 1 million times smaller than ordinary lake and pond aeration bubbles. As a result of their size, Nano bubbles have no natural buoyancy

Unlike traditional aeration systems, which use rising larger bubbles to induce circulation and transfer of atmospheric oxygen throughout the water column, nanobubbles:

• Remain within the water column for extended periods of time, as
long as two to three months.
• Provide unparalleled direct oxygenation of the water and the
typically anoxic sediment water interface at the bottom.
• Are EPA-registered to control algae and dangerous cyanobacteria, as demonstrated by laboratory testing

nano bubble aeration

The Positive Power Of Negatively - Charged Bubbles

nano bubble aeration system

Another interesting characteristic of nanobubbles is that they are negatively charged, and therefore are attracted to positively charged organic matter in the water column. When they connect with positively charged metals and pollutants, nanobubbles will oxidize and neutralize them-preventing undesirable water quality conditions. Oxygen nanobubbles are created by infusing oxygen gas from onshore generators alternatively ozone also be used, they can also be infused with concentrated ozone from small onshore generators that can easily be added to the system where faster or more immediate results are needed.

General Description

•  Gasion has a range of oxygen enrichment systems. The Turboxy is a latest development and a robust reliable system with high oxygen transfer efficiency.
• This new enrichment system contains a novel rotary mixing mechanism within the plastic body. This is driven by an electric motor located above the water surface. This mixer propels the water outwards in the contained system, due to its rotation. The resulting fast-flowing water generates a vacuum, and pure oxygen is drawn in and entrained through a tube in the mixer, and is distributed in very fine bubbles within the water.
• With the help of this new invention, Turboxy achieves a very good level of oxygen enrichment with low energy consumption. Previous systems worked with ‘bottlenecks’ (for example, the venture nozzle – disadvantage: a relatively high water pressure is required) or with wheels or brush wheels (disadvantage: a lot of energy is required to move the water) or membrane system which are clog Compared to these systems, Turboxy has the advantage that, due to the rotary mixer, only a very small portion of the water needs to be accelerated; no water pressure is required. A fluidized bed that lowers energy consumption and leads to excellent oxygen enrichment is created on the surface of the novel rotary mixer

Motor Rating KW 0.25 0.37 0.55
POWER TAKE-UP W 370 650 540
VOLTAGE V 230/400 230/400 230/400
MOTOR Rpm 1400 1400 1400
O2 ENRICHMENT l/min 10 16 25
MAX M3/h 0.6 1.0 1.5
DIMENSION CM 114x94x80
WEIGHT kg 45

Turboxy - Operating Principle

•  The main plastic body of Turboxy is shaped such that water is sucked up from below and exits through an opening on the side. Therefore, short-circuiting cannot occur.  The main body is enclosed by two floats. All of the plastic parts are made of polyethylene and are extremely robust. This elegantly simple Gasion development does away with submersible motors, belt drives and external bearing blocks.
•  Turboxy uses a durable, energy-saving electric motor (according to the latest energy standard) with a stainless steel shaft on which the rotary mixer is directly mounted. The drive is thus completely maintenance- free! The electric motor is located in a protective housing on the body base and can be removed easily and quickly. Turboxy does not need any screens to protect the fish or exclude leaves (Turboxy can be used for fish from 8-10 g or more), so clogging within the system is impossible.

nano bubble generator