Lake and Pond Aeration

Gasion offers aerators for Lake and Pond rejuvenation

Lake and Pond Aeration

Gasion offers aerators for Lake and Pond rejuvenation


Lake and Pond Aeration

Gasion offers aerators for Lake and Pond rejuvenation

can be used for oxidation and circulation

Domestic and industrial waste water ingression has polluted many natural waterbodies throughout the world.


Hot Weather Causes Stratification of Lakes

During hot months (summer, fall and autumn) the top layer of the lake is warmer than the bottom layers. The warm top layer is called the Epiliminion and the cold bottom layer, the Hypolimnion. Density of water in Epiliminion layer is also much lesser than the dense Hypolimnion layer. This temperature and density difference between these two layers creates a third distinct layer called the Thermocline between them. Thermocline keeps these two sections apart without allowing them to blend together. The Epiliminion layer is also oxygen rich from natural dissolved oxygen obtained by surface transfer of oxygen due to wind forces and photosynthesis of aquatic plants . The denser Hypolimnion layer has poor dissolved oxygen content . During summer months oxygen level in this layer can drop to extreme lows resulting in fish and other aquatic population reduction. This phenomena is called stratification in water bodies.

Natural circulation destratifies the waterbodies during cool months

During winters the top layer gets colder and denser than the bottom layer. This initiates a natural turnover of the lake, blending of the two layers breaking the Thermocline, resulting in natural circulation of the entire lake.
nano bubble aeration system

Dissolved Oxygen and Fish Population

Dissolved oxygen depletion leads to fish kills

In areas with prolonged hot months this turnover of lakes is rare. During the long non-turnover period, the dissolved oxygen in bottom layers will be extremely low leading to fish kill and development of septic conditions at the bottom.
Fish Population decreases proportionally with dissolved oxygen and they become extinct when DO approach 3 ppm or less. When D0 is above 6 ppm the fish population is healthy and reduces proportionally and with less than 3 ppm aquatic life do not survive except for a few worms and bacteria.

Lake Ageing

External pollution accelerates lake deterioration

Added to the natural deterioration by stratification, when waste water enters the water bodies like lakes, ponds, etc., the organic nutrients in it becomes food to the already existing micro-organisms in water which multiplies rapidly consuming these organics. For oxygen requirement, the microorganisms use the natural dissolved oxygen in water, quickly depleting it .The nutrients also enhances growth of cyanobacteria / algae at the top surface.This algae growth blankets the top layers from sunlight exposure, resulting in stoppage of photosynthesis, which is also a main source of natural DO formation. Also Consumption of these nutrients as food by bacteria in water creates large amount of dead matter which settle to lake bed leading to unwanted vegetation.This deteriorates and accelerates the ageing of lakes and making them redundant in few years.
The natural life of lakes is about 10000 years . But with waste water ingression it ages quickly and life can get drastically reduced to less than 100 years.

Lake Circulation and Oxidation

Gasion Aerator can oxidise and circulate lakes reducing the pollutants and halting the detriotion

Unpolluted waterbody do not require man-made aeration. But if it is already contaminated by polluted wastewater, aeration is the only way to reduce it.
If a circulation can be induced externally between Epiliminion and Hypolimnion layers, it itself can enhance the life of lakes drastically. Conventionally available aerators is not feasible to be used in such water bodies for various technical reasons. Gasion Boxy and solar aerators are specially developed for this application and which positioned on lake or pond surfaces can not only used to circulate but also to oxygenate and revive such deteriorating water bodies. It can also meet up the oxygen demand created by the ingression of polluted waste waters.
Boxy aerators can circulate and oxygenate about 24 million litres and solar version upto 1.2 million liters every day and can be used for small and large lakes ,ponds with multiple units calculated based on the area and lake volume.