Mega Bubble Generator

Introduces bubble mixers for turbulence creation in any liquid tank

Mega Bubble Generator

Introduces bubble mixers for turbulence creation in any liquid tank

GASION can mix up tanks efficiently with mega bubbles

Process of Mega Bubble Generator

MEGA BUBBLE generators are fixed in bottom or liquid tanks. The principle of operation is that a blower placed outside the tank delivers air into the mega bubble generator. The pressurized air pushes the water inside the accumulator body of the generator and creates an air pocket. Periodically this air pocket is ejected outside as a large bubble and liquid backfills into the accumulator, starting the cycle again. The period of bubble release is very short (< 1/16 second ), which initiates torridal movement with a size of about 3 ft in diameter moving up at high velocity creating a suction effect below it inducing circulation of liquid in the entire tank.

Archimedes Principle and Stokes Law

The bubble mixer working is based on the buoyancy of the bubble (Archimedes Principle). Buoyancy is the upward force acting on the bubble and proportional to the volume of water it displaces according to Archimedes Principle.
Stokes equation provides the formula for bubbles rise rate in liquids ® based on its size.
R = Rise rate m x sˉ₁
P = Density kg x mˉ₃
g = Gravity m x sˉ₂
d = Bubble diameter m
m = Dynamic Viscosity

According to this equation, a 100mm bubble travels 2500 times faster than a 2 mm bubble (Bubbles of diffused aerator). Bubbles of MEGA BUBBLE GENERATORS CAN BE EVEN 300mm AND CAN BE CUSTOMIZED AS PER NEED.

The major advantage of the product is that it has no moving parts inside the water and is completely constructed of plastics. It can be installed in any size of the tank with only the number of units increasing proportionally.

Major Application Areas

It is not limited to the above tanks and can be used in many other applications

Diffused Aeration Efficiency

Do you know that overall efficiency of diffused aeration system is less than 3 % ?
ONE OF THE BIGGEST application of mega bubble generator is in diffused aeration as its overall energy efficiency is too low.
Assume 1000 kilograms of air is sent into a diffused aeration tank of 5m water depth. Air has only 21% oxygen by weight and remaining 79% in nitrogen and other gases. Hence only 210 kgs is available as oxygen and 790 kgs goes out of the tank unused.
The oxygen transfer rate from bubble to water is about 5% per meter rise as per manufacturers data . It means for a bubble rise of 5m only 25% of the available oxygen will be transferred into the water.
So out of 210 kgs only 52 kgs will be transferred. But it should be noted that this transfer rate data of the manufacturer is for clean water application.
Diffused aeration has a Alpha factor of 0.5 (Provided by manufacturer). This means the oxygen transfer rate in wastewater will be only 50% compared to that in clean water. This is because of presence of surfactants, suspended solids and other chemicals . Hence out of 52 kgs only 26 kgs will be finally transferred into the wastewater as dissolved oxygen. Input is 1000 kgs but quantity used is only 26 kgs., which is less than 3% efficient. So 97% of the energy is wasted here.

Bubble Mixers in Diffused Aeration

Bubble Mixers more than doubles diffused aeration efficiency

Mega bubble generators can be installed between the fine pore diffusers and connected to the same airline connection without need for additional blower.
Mega bubbles creates agitation and provides mixing effect. This boosts oxygen transfer rate and increases the alpha factor from 0.5 to 1. Also decreases the wasted energy by 60 to 75% without any major modification just by installing mega bubble generators.


Biogas Plants Generate more gas with bubble mixers

The raw sewage from municipalities are first treated in an anaerobic tank. This produces methane gas byproduct which is used as fuel. These tanks are generally large and closed and is difficult to provide a mixing system inside. Mega bubble generators can be installed in this application which can use the methane gas for mega bubble generation instead of air. This will improve the production of biogas by many times.

Granular Sludge

Bubble Mixers Produce granular sludge in the aeration tanks

The unique rolling motion created by bubble mixers that allows for the formation of Granular Activated Sludge.
With bubble mixers the floc size can be all the way up to 2 mm , much bigger than typical particles. The settling velocity is also much higher than the conventional sludge needing smaller clarifier and more cleaner would be the output effluent . Also the plant can operate at very high MLSS with smaller aeration tank.Existing capacities can be doubled with the available civil structures with drastic reduction in power consumption.
Aerobic and AnAerobic Treatment of WasteWater
Aerobic Granular sludge (Left) vs. Conventional Activated Sludge (Right)

Alpha Factor

Alpha Factor can be the deciding factor in the aerator selection

The “ Oxygen transfer rate “ values published by air diffuser manufacturers , is completely different with actual use in the field. Reason is that the OTR values of the diffusers are measured by tests in clean water. In waste waters the presence of variety of impurities like salts, solids, fats, oils,,surfactants and other chemicals reduces the air diffusion rates reducing the overall OTR by many times.This ratio of oxygen transfer rates between the clean water and waste water is called the ALPHA value .
ALPHA VALUE = OTR in waste water / OTR in clean water
The Diffused aerators have the lowest alpha value of 0.5 among the various aerators , meaning it will only be 50% efficient in wastewater consuming 200% more electricity because it will need double the quantity of air than it is actually required in clean water for achieving the same oxygen transfer.
The reason for the low Alpha value of the diffusers is because in liquids with high impurities ,the fine bubbles creates very less agitation .Low shear provides poor air diffusion resulting in less oxygen transfer.Bubble mixers if installed along with the diffusers will create intense agitation and turbulence in the aeration tank causing the alpha value to increase to 1 instantly.