Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System separates sludge into liquids and solids for waste
minimization. The main goals of sludge dewatering are to reduce waste and
improve overall disposal cost efficiency

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Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge dewatering system is  fully automatic screen separator features a unique structure that allows for easy operation, as well as stability and reliability. Due to the multi-layer water filter, the removal rate of suspended solids is high, the waste water treatment capacity is large, the machine area is small, and the equipment cost low-level advantages, due to installation of a grading collection sliding bucket and a concentration of collection box, it can be recycled according to the diameter of the suspended particles. The utility can reduce the content of suspended solids in industrial waste water, meet the environmental protection discharge requirements, and reduce the pollution to the human living environment

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Working Principle

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The waste water to be treated is evenly distributed on the screen surface, and is filtered through the  screen surface. The solid matter is intercepted, and the filtered water flows out from the gap of the sieve plate. Under the action of water, the solid matter is pushed to the lower end of the sieve plate and enters the screw conveyor. The filter screen performs secondary filtration, and then the screw conveyor pushes the solids into the sieve round filter screen for three-stage filtration, and finally the screw conveyor presses the solids to achieve solid-liquid separation

Technical Specification

MODEL GA 800 GA 1200 GA 1500
POWER SUPPLY 220v/380v 380v 380v
MAIN MOTOR 3kw 4kw 4/5.5kw
WEIGHT 350kg 450kg 550kg
MATERIAL Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
VIBRATING SCREEN SIZE 800*800mm 1200*1100mm 1500*1100mm
DIMENSION 1600*1100*1450mm 2140*1230*1610mm 2140*1230*1610mm
WORKING CAPACITY 1-2m³/h 2-4m³/h 4-6m³/h



  1.   Municipal
    o Sludge treatment, Bio-filters
  2. Industrial
    o Pulp and paper
    o Textile industry
    o Tanneries, bleaching, dyeing, etc.
  3. Food processing
    o Meat processing, slaughter houses
    o Vegetable and fruit processing
    o Food industry
    o Breweries, etc.