Boxy Solar Aerator

Gasion provides solar aerators for oxidation of lagoons, ponds, reservoirs, etc.

Boxy Solar

Gasion provides solar aerators for oxidation of lagoons, ponds, reservoirs, etc.

Suitable for anyNon grid aerationApplication

Gasion Solar Aerators are supplied as an unit with integrated solar panels, batteries, control system, blower and aerator. Can be installed as a floating unit in any water body.

Solar Aerator Operation

During operation, the solar panel PV cell produces electricity which will be stored in the batteries through a charge controller. Everyday 4 to 5 hours of sunlight will be sufficient to charge the batteries fully and a full charge of batteries can operate the aerator hours continuously. The output from batteries can have variable voltage and it will be adjusted by a buck/boost voltage converter before it is provided as input for the micro blower motor. When the blower gets energized it operates on high speed and sucks in large volumes of air from atmosphere and delivers it into the aerator. The aerator operating principle is same as its powered version BOXY AERATORS and oxygenates by high intense air mixing inside the aerator and high velocity water movement outside the aerator. Also it circulates a large volume of water from the desired depth and is suitable for all the type of tanks, shallow and deep, large and small.

All under water parts are plastic with no submerged moving parts. The outside structural material are aluminum and hence also no corrosion problems and maintenance issues.

Sewage Lagoons

In small towns , sewage is treated by large, facultative ponds, lagoons, oxidation ditches, which organics are allowed to degrade naturally, without external aeration. Most of these plants do not perform upto the standards as natural aeration is insufficient to meet the oxygen demand created by additional chemical ingredients in sewage used by modern population.
Boxy solar aerators can be implemented for modernisation of existing and newly constructed facultative ponds, oxidation ditches, lagoons, etc. They do not need any electricity connection, can be installed instantly in any remote location and can operate 24 hrs/year with in-built power packs.
Boxy aerators do not need any operator assistance and be installed in a couple of hours. Multiple systems can be installed for large lagoons, ponds, lakes, etc.,
Can be used to revive lakes, ponds and any water body instantly without any other infrastructure requirements.

Solar Micro Blower

Gasion has a developed special, high speed compact blower for solar application. This can be so small that it can be held in a palm, but extremely powerful and can continuously inject in excess of 50 cum/hr of air into water that can oxygenate more than 50000 litres/hr of water equivalent to 1.2 million litres every day.