Boxy Aerators

For aeration in wastewater treatment, lagoons, ponds, lakes, etc.

Boxy Aerators

For aeration in wastewater treatment, lagoons, ponds, lakes, etc.

Gasion IntroducesHybrid type boxy aerators

Hybrid type pond aeration system can be installed both as floating or fixed aerator and is completely constructed of plastics.


Gasion Boxy Aerators consists of multiple draft tubes inside a rectangular box on both sides of the aerator. A common air manifold is attached to the draft tubes at the bottom with micro porous air injectors and connecting hoses.


A Aeration system high speed .aerodynamic , centrifugal blower which operates at about 14000 RPM delivers high volumes of air equally into all the injectors.


The streams of air from the circumferentially constructed injector flow out at perpendicular direction into the centre of the draft tubes and rises up creating a vacuum in the contact area. The vacuum collapses the injected bubbles creating large air/water interface and producing microbubbles and low density air/ water mixture. As this mixture rises up it also sucks in large amounts of water from the opening at the bottom, resulting in intense mixing of micro bubbles and water. With this arrangement, from the top outlet of the draft pipe will flow a continuous stream of highly oxygenated water, which comes from the bottom of the tank at a preferred suction level. The air/water mixture exits through the top lateral openings at high velocity creating a water surface velocity of about 3 knots for a distance of 100 ft. Boxy aerator releases water from both sides which generates surface movement and ripples in two directions for long distances.
Diffused Pond Aeration System
Pond Aeration System
aerators for lakes and ponds
diffuser aeration system


Boxy Aerator can circulate water from deep tanks with its ingenious low pressure design without additional power requirements. It only displaces the water on the top layer of the pipe so that the water from the bottom rises up to fill it due to the atmospheric pressure difference.
The length of this suction pipe can be increased or decreased as per the requirements. Hence Gasion Aerators can be employed in shallow tanks or ponds as well as in deep lakes, aeration tanks, etc.,

Oxygen Transfer

Four Types of oxygen transfer in one machine

Surface Aerators achieve aeration by surface transfer, aspirators by mixing, submerged aerators by circulation and diffused aeration by bubble transfer.

Our pond aeration system achieves surface transfer, mixing, circulation and bubble transfer in one machine. Circulation from bottom, Air mixing at the contact chamber, bubble transfer in vertical tubes, and surface transfer at the exit ports.It has the combined advantages of all these aerators eliminating its disadvantages.

pond diffused aeration system
Diffused Pond Aeration System

VFD and DO Control

For the aerobic bacteria to do its job, it needs two resources, air to breathe and organic matter or food to consume. The Figure explains the effect of air quantity in an aeration process.
Conventional processes use separate VFD’s connected to the blowers for air flow control.
Boxy aerators have inbuilt VFD with the high speed blower which can be connected to DO control system directly for optimum air flow. This saves huge costs in separate VFD investments.

Energy Consumption

How much energy is consumed in 1 mld sewage treatment plant?

Gasion Lake and Pond Aeration System consume only 2 to 3 kilowatt per hour and 72 kilowatts per day which is

This energy calculation is only for sewage which have B.O.D of about 250mg per liter.
In industrial wastewaters, with higher B.O.D, the energy consumed in conventional aerators, will increase proportionally and so the savings with Gasion. Will double compared to sewage if B.O.D is 500, Triple if 750, quadruple if 1000 and so on.
Pond Aeration Systems

Installation of Boxy Aeration System

Boxy aerators are transported to site completely factory fitted for immediate installation